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Howard Zinn's Southern Diary Forward Alice Walker - Book Cover

Spelman College students studying for classes while in jail in Atlanta. Early Sixties. Marian Wright (later Edelman), not reading, displays the look and posture of so many young protesters of the time: there is courage, determination, and vulnerability.  Beautiful. -AW

Alice Walker’s Foreward What Nurtured My Outrage, Really? –  Howard Zinn’s Southern Diary (Download pdf 466 kb)


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Algo de lo que puedes estar seguro: Las Maravillas No Cesan en español

One thing you can count on:

Wonders Never Ceasing.

Queen Sugar


The Star of the Sea.

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Queen Sugar which my friends and I watch with gratitude and joy, stirs those latent places, almost asleep or drifting, of memory, of community, of tribe, that have… Continue reading