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This appeal from a Senator had one bright spot: he is a Senator. With a heart.


US Senator with a heart Alice Walkers Garden




Dear MoveOn member,

I’m U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, and I believe that in America, we must never intentionally inflict trauma on children.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

At a Border Patrol processing center in McAllen, TX, I witnessed something that is now seared into my… Continue reading

Parte Final Desde Laos


Final Dispatch from Laos
by Mai Der Vang

Concerning our hollow breasts,
Lice factions multiplying in our hair.

Concerning our unused stomachs,
Molars waiting to chew, taste buds

Obsolete. By then, we won’t remember
We’re alive. We’ll be the soil covered

In mines. Concerning last night’s
Attack, seven dead, five injured, four

Gone missing, three arms. Concerning
A forest in… Continue reading

Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart Alice Walker New Book Cover 2018

Coming soon!

Sonam Wangchuk: An Ice Fountain Brings Water to the Himalayan Desert


by Teresa Krug

“I’m working on [how to adapt to] life without glaciers. I’ve already started experiments to see what can be done with very little rain. I won’t go into details, but this is about mixing the sandy soil with clays and humus to make any rain that falls on it last… Continue reading