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A Branch:  Sexual Assault In the Present Time

©2017 by Alice Walker


Decades later I would undertake
As a course of personal study
Why they told us nothing
Whatsoever about it.
We entered puberty so ignorant
That when we bled
The euphemism
Was that we had been visited
By a red bird.
An odd sock, hopefully
Might be used
To staunch
The… Continue reading

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©2017 by Alice Walker


I never experience October 9th
Without giving thanks
For John Lennon
Someone who had his head
On straight.
This year was no different;
I miss him still.
Perhaps he and Medgar Evers
Viola (Liuzzo:the Italian-American
 Who came to help);the black
Women and men with no marker
To name them; Bobby, Martin,… Continue reading

Or Were You Once A Child?

©2017 by Alice Walker

If you were once a child
Remember how it was
When the big men
Who were not smiling

Came for you?

They were not soldiers
But uncles, fathers,

It was their bigness
That scared you.

Now they are coming
Six feet tall
In full battle gear;
You have nothing
Or maybe a… Continue reading

The Temptations Berkeley Rep Alice Walker Website 2017-10-03

A dozen of us took ourselves to see Ain’t Too Proud, The Life and Times of The Temptations, now playing at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley.  It was wonderful.  And so was the audience, which grooved along song after song as if they remembered, as most of us did, the moment each melody first startled and swooned our hearts, all those years… Continue reading