Movies and Meaning Festival April 2017 – Join Alice & other Special Guests for long weekend of story-telling, community healing & action for common good



Movies Meaning Festival April 27-30 Announcement

We are delighted to announce that this April, you’re invited to join distinguished writer and activist Alice Walker at the third annual Movies & Meaning Festival for a long weekend of art, storytelling, and tooling up for social justice work and community healing. Participants will be inspired and challenged by artists, activists, and spiritual leaders who work at the intersection of creativity, peace, spirituality, and social change.

Alongside Ms. Walker, we’ll hear from author, activist, and theologian Brian McLaren; West African Elder and international teacher Malidoma Somé; poet and bridge-builder Mona Haydar; and Irish writer and peace activist, Gareth Higgins; and we’ll be reenergized by the brilliant diversity of human stories and experiences, and renewed in our work to undo suffering and oppression in all its forms—both inside and out.

Movies will be as touchstones throughout the event (including a very special “embodied screening” of The Color Purple), giving us chances to wonder, dream, and reflect on our world and our active place in making it better. Unlike typical “film festivals,” Movies & Meaning emphasizes engagement and transformation over passive viewing. We’ll weave art throughout our time together as a means of reflection and change-making, learning how to make the world better through substantive action.

Alice Walker says of the festival, “This is exactly what we should be doing. Unless we really start to fortify ourselves spiritually, and affirm who we are and what it is we really value, a lot of our energy is going to seep away in the froth of resistance, and we won’t be able to move very far. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the right thing to do. We are actually creating something that will have some strength.”

This transformative festival takes place this April 27-30, 2017, at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tickets are offered on a sliding scale for students and low-income households, and accommodations in the area range from budget-friendly hostels to world-class hotels. At this moment of cultural change, and when anxiety is being met with such an outpouring of peaceful work for good, the festival is a beacon of hope in the dark. We’d love you to join us.

Space is limited! Find more information or register today at and get 10% off at registration with the discount code “WALKER.”