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Sobonfu Somé Alice Walker Garden

Sobonfu Somé

You left us on the day women all over the world
Are rising.
Well, you rose too, sweetest
Of sisters.
You rose and I can see you smiling
As you returned to the village
Of Dano.
The ancestors
Who, as they are wont to do,
Asked far too much of you,
Are there to receive you.
I hope they are!
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Womens March Poster picked by Alice Walker


Copyright 2017 by Alice Walker

January 21, 2017

(For the awakening.)

I do not doubt that you are there
and that I am also, in some future
past time;
and that together
we are enjoying it all.
And so I thank you,
Great Awareness
in which I also live,
for Calla Lillies
and Birds
and Hollyhocks… Continue reading

The Sympathizer Book Cover Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Sympathizer, by Viet Thanh Nguyen


Was the Civil Rights Movement a politically orchestrated distraction from the wars on the citizens, lands and cultures of yellow people half a world away? We were distracted, some more than others, by assassinations and hangings, fire bombing of cars and houses, and the humiliating back and forth “progress” of “integration” via the long torturous march of… Continue reading