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November 25, bless Fidel, 2016Fidel Castro and Alice Walker Together (copyright 2016)

Dear amazing brother, you made it all the way home!

May this be the joy that always greets you.


Querido asombroso hermano, has hecho todo el trayecto a casa,

Que sea el júbilo el que siempre te acompañe.


Compassionate Revolutionary

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Alice Fidel Cuba 90s Website Alice Walker

Fidel Castro:  Compassionate Revolutionary
Copyright© 2016 by Alice Walker

(For a book to be presented… Continue reading

November 22, bless Kennedy, 2016

Bob Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, sung by the Staple Singers




NO DESESPERES en español

November 9 2016

Sunrise image for alicewalkersgarden Dont Despair Post Nov 9 2016

Don’t Despair

Copyright © 2016 by Alice Walker

When I was a child growing up in middle Georgia, I thought all white men were like Donald Trump.  They too seemed petulant and spoiled, unhappy with everything they were not the center of, brutal toward the feelings of those “beneath” them, and comfortable causing others to act out… Continue reading

Universal Condemnation of the US Economic Sanctions against Cuba

Salim Lamrani
Université de La Réunion

Once again the international community has rejected the economic sanctions strangling the Cuban people.

For the twenty fifth consecutive year, the UN General Assembly expressed its condemnation of the economic, trade and financial blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba for more than half a century.  The obsolete sanctions… Continue reading

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November 8 2016

Candles Alicewalkersgarden Election 2016

I am spending election day burning a candle for four extraordinary people:  Mumia Abu Jamal, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden.  I was thinking about all of them this morning in meditation.  So I labeled it “thinking,” as we are taught, and went back to Om Nama Shivaya.  But they all came right… Continue reading


Wisdom from the African Heart of Brazil
Narrated by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker

A film by Donna C. Roberts and Donna Read

A documentary film about the Candomblé religion in Bahia, Brazil, a vibrant African-derived culture which evolved from the days of enslaved Africans. Elder women leaders tell stories of Candomblé’s history, social challenges and triumphs, grounded… Continue reading