Meridian’s granddaughter.  Hello, Beloved. Protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge

Meridian’s granddaughter.  Hello, Beloved.

Is there another way to think about this?  Let us find it, quickly, together. If we don’t find it, we risk losing the friends we’ve made, the friends we love, after over half a century of work. We risk losing all the children’s trust in our ability to find a way we all can live.

There used to be a wonderful phrase:  Don’t believe the hype.  The hype is still here; and people still believe it.  That is why we love writers who get the real word out.  Like this writer who tells us something I’m sure most of us didn’t know. -AW

Thanks Belvie (and brother D).

This Black Lives Matter Photo Should Be Seen Around The World – Link

Thanks William Lee, all the way from China!