Keeping Up With Two People I Love: Miko and Nurit, An Israeli General’s Inspiring Offspring

Miko with Alice WalkerMiko Peled and Alice Walker

In this post, Miko Peled, author of The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, laments the death of Muhammed Ali and wishes he had stayed a while longer with us.  I feel the peace that comes when a person who has given his or her all in the cause of what is right passes away and is at last free to move on to the next assignment.  Ali, I feel, gave all that he had.  There is no greater gift.  It is up to each of us to use it as best we can.

All of Miko Peled’s pieces have insight and heart; through his work we are permitted a view of Palestine and Israel rarely seen.

Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Miko’s sister, for whom there are no words, shares the latest tragic news of the abuse and murder of Palestinian children by Israeli men and women who, one imagines, will have lifetimes to live with what they have done.  And their children and grandchildren also, after them.  An unenviable fate.

Armed Israeli Border Police bully 8-yo Palestinian girl, confiscate bike (VIDEO

An 8 yr old PAlestinian girl punished for riding her bike in a |Jews-only road–

Shooting a child and his father

Library and Bookshop for Gaza

Over 100 Palestinian Prisoners Join Mass Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Bilal Kayed

Children in Chains – Documentary Trailer

The abuse of Palestinian children in the Israeli Military Court System. 

Facebook — Yes Palenstine Will Be Free Videos

In one day; 48 children were killed
Every hour; Two children
Every 30 min; A child…
Massacring people who were under severe siege for 8 years and had no other place to escape Israeli barbaric attacks.Caged people- resourceful people
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Press release 21 June 2016

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society’s  “Lost Childhood” campaign strongly condemns the murder of Palestinian child Mahmoud Raafat Badran and calls on the international community to intervene immediately in order to stop the crimes committed against Palestinian children by Israeli forces who intentionally target children without justification.

The campaign believes that the increased number of murders of children requires a more responsible attitude from the international community which should enforce International Humanitarian Law on Israel and provide adequate protection from the oppression and tyranny of occupation for Palestinians, specifically children.

The right of our children to move between different Palestinian areas without any restrictions, to travel between villages and cities safely should be emphasized. This implies the removal of military roadblocks and checkpoints that pose a significant threat to them under the guise of “security”.

The campaign calls for an intensification of the events and activities that shed light on the crimes of the occupation, as well as an increase media coverage of the true stories behind these crimes to debunk the false claims made by the Israeli government.


Video: PMRS campaign attempts to protect thousands of Palestinian minors – PNN

PNN/ Ramallah/ In a place where children are treated like adults, or even enemies, where they are im


Israeli settlers contaminate well waters, cut off pipes, curse and beat up shepherds in South Hebron Mountain. No need to know HEbrew to understand.


Show your disability before going to prayer:

700 children detained and tortured every month

The Zionist dream: Jews with muscles!

Muslims injured in police attack at Aqsa Mosque

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Israeli Land Theft: 440% Increase in 2016

An Israeli Court Sentences A Palestinian Child To 100 Days In Prison

Sara Traira killed in a searching room near the mosque while shouting: what have I  done?”

Sarah Tarayrah 27 years old pregnant killed

يديو صادم : إعدام الشهيدة سارة الطرايرة داخل غرفة التفتيش
The video shows the extrajudicial execution in Hebron today near the Ibrahimi mosque.
Sarah Tarayrah, 27 years old, pregnant with her first child, was detained in a checkroom and then shot dead.

Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan