7/26 Oakland Forum-Palestinian Workers, Human Rights, Labor and Zionism
July 26 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM (Free) Uptown Body and Fender – 401 26th St., Oakland

Palestinian workers are under attack and they and their families face apartheid conditions. At the same time, legal efforts are being made to prevent an international boycott of Israel and labor action. Bay Area ILWU longshore workers played an important role in supporting Palestinian workers by boycotting the Israeli controlled Zim shipping line. This forum will look at the history of Zionism including the collaboration with the Nazis, and the present attack on UK Labor Party members critical of Israel who are being attacked as anti-Semites.
We will also look at the struggle of UAW 2865 to support the international boycott, and how their national leadership nullified their efforts.

Video from ILWU Zim Action On Port of Oakland will be screened.

Fadi Saba, President Luther Burbank Education Association CTA*
Jeff Blankfort, Editor Of Labor Bulletin On The Middle East and Radio Host of KZYX&Z Takes on The World
Lenni Brenner, Historian and author of Zionism In The Age Of Dictators
Jack Heyman, ILWU Local 10 retired and Chair Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
* for identification only

Sponsored by United Public Workers For Action. <>

Who or what are the beings that can tolerate slave ships, whether on sea or land, and force humans to endure being “packed like sardines” on their way to forced labor.  Meditating on this question is scary but must be done. -AW