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By Manuel E. Yepe

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.

It has been repeatedly said that the American people are the only ones
who could perform the Herculean task of bringing down the most
powerful and bloodthirsty empire ever known to humankind. Humanity
anxiously hopes to see the US people act, and will provide… Continue reading

David Icke: A Memory of Prince – Beyond Normal – YouTube


“Everything That Rises Must Converge” Pierre de Teilhard de Chardin.    This is why I respect and love David Icke.  Such a thoughtful, soulful, deeply aware requiem for Prince.  Who was a magical force but mysterious to me.  Which was fine.

En Español

Dawning  LIGHT- aw

Bernie Sanders vs. the Out-of-touch American Jewish Establishment
Sanders’ Jewish socialism, his recognition of the injustice of the occupation, is a rebuke to those in the U.S. and Israel who believe Jews should only care about other Jews’ freedom and dignity. No wonder they’re trying to marginalize him.

Max Berger Apr 16, 2016 1:57 AM

Bernie backs the Jewish… Continue reading

Other Great News From “Other People’s Everything, Inc.”

There are almost too many great books lately to share with any kind of depth, but if I keep putting off writing about them I’m afraid they will vanish. I will list the ones that come to mind and between chores attempt to fill in what’s missing: you won’t regret staying tuned.  Humans are at… Continue reading


Very Best News: Aung San Suu Kyi’s party comes to power at last in Myanmar (Burma) and a law is proposed to make her the “president’s boss.”  Since she cannot, due to illegal maneuvers by the generals of the old regime, become president.  Here is a woman, like Malala of Pakistan, like Celia Sanchez of Cuba, who demonstrates womanism at its best.

Where-to-Invade-Next-Michael Moore Poster Web Alice Walkers Garden

Two pieces of good news in a row.  Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin, and Michael Moore’s new film Where To Invade Next is almost too good to be true.  Though a friend reminds me:  Nothing is too good to be true! The film invades half a dozen European (and Tunisia) countries and instead of grabbing land, families to enslave, oil or diamonds,… Continue reading