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2015 The Year of Changes

©2015 by Alice Walker

Grace Paley, the writer of great short stories, named two of her collections The Little Disturbances of Man and Enormous Changes At the Last Minute.  I think of these titles now as 2015 comes to a close:  how we as humans imagine disturbances in our tiny lives might weigh in on the cosmic scale,… Continue reading

The New Dark Ages

©2015  by Alice Walker

for M

As we slip into the new Dark Ages
you become more dear to me.
Your face, your smile
that carefully trimmed
never to turn gray hair.

We may not emerge from this darkness
in my lifetime.

And yet, I think of you
so often smiling,
or laughing outright;
your sturdy frame gallant
and ready… Continue reading


Is Celie Actually Ugly?

©2015 by Alice Walker

for Cynthia Erivo

Is Celie actually ugly?
Asks the charismatic star playing her
on Broadway.
How many times over the years
I have explained
Celie and her “prettier” sister Nettie
are practically identical.
They might be twins.
But Life has forced on Celie
all the hardships
Nettie mostly avoids: a hazy anxiety surrounding
the lynching… Continue reading

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Airline Workers At JFK, LaGuardia To Go On 24-Hour Hunger Strike For Higher Wages

by Emma Whitford in  on Nov 24, 2015 12:10 pm


It is always sad to hear bad news about good people.  I’m over seventy and it still makes me feel like crying.

In the morning I am… Continue reading