Divine Raw Foods (DivineRawFoods.com)

Chef Billy Page, Fresh Food Evangelist

Out of Oakland Always Something New (as is rightly said, also, of Africa):  In this case, the best raw food I have ever tasted!  Here’s the story:  a friend who is involved with black farmers and food growing cooperatives in Oakland experienced that lovely pat on the psyche the Universe bestows on those it appreciates, in the form of a plate of raw food prepared by Chef Billy Page, Fresh Food Evangelist.  She was a convert on the spot.  Knowing I am in favor of whatever is fresh and tastes good, especially if it is raw and unsweetened, she brought over slices of pizza made of veggies and olives, and a beautifully crafted pie made of berries,  its  crust delicious crushed banana chips.

It is  reassuring that, in spite of everything (and these days it really is everything) humans continue to be so lovely; that we continue to dream of ways to make each other happy. Eating this pizza and pie I fell in love with us all over again.

Where to find Divine Raw Food:  Freedom Farmers Market every Saturday from 10 to 3 at  5316 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA.