We are truly thankful for Naomi Klein

We are truly thankful for Naomi Klein. What a fabulous nerve and mind.  Here’s what she says about Matt Kennard’s new book THE RACKET: A Rogue Reporter VS The Masters Of the Universe:  “In this important book, Kennard explores the direct impacts of globalized capitalism on some of the most battered parts of our world.  With devastating precision and a formidable sense of urgency, he reports on corporate shock doctors in Haiti, imperialist drug warriors in Honduras, pillaging mining giants in southern Africa – and so much more.  Most importantly, he never loses sight of the growing numbers of resistors holding on to their creativity and self-determination.”

All true!  Like Klein’s own work, THE RACKET brings us up to speed on what is happening behind the movie.

Greg Palast says:  “Matt Kennard threw away a cushy career with an establishment newspaper just to let you in on a secret:  you don’t get the story, you get the cover-up.”  As he has shown in his own book THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY.