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I began watching this historical drama to improve my Spanish.  I learned in Mexico that Mexicans without access to an education in languages regularly learn English by watching American movies and soaps.  The problem was that the Spanish in Gran Hotel is the Spanish of Spain and therefore difficult to follow.  However the story is not.  And it… Continue reading

We are truly thankful for Naomi Klein. What a fabulous nerve and mind.  Here’s what she says about Matt Kennard’s new book THE RACKET: A Rogue Reporter VS The Masters Of the Universe:  “In this important book, Kennard explores the direct impacts of globalized capitalism on some of the most battered parts of our world.  With devastating precision and a formidable… Continue reading

I had not seen ANITA: Speaking Truth To Power, the film about Anita Hill.  So intense!  And her family shows up to sit behind her at her trial (really) for telling the truth to a panel of white men who have all done everything and more that Clarence Thomas had done!   Precious!  And to learn she was the last of 13… Continue reading

DAVİD İCKE & ALEX JONES Powerful Interview 2015: YouTube

I like these two because they’re real, and sometimes Alex Jones is a bit crazy; many Aquarians are. Icke only appears crazy to people who don’t appreciate the stubbornness required when one is called to a duty it is impossible to evade.


A good teacher never quits.

That Is Who I Thought You Were

©2015 by Alice Walker

Tell me please
Why are you not speaking?
When we stood together
In our bloodied land
You raised your voice
And stood beside me.
Now I wait
And wait
For you to say
One word.
They tell me it is because
You are afraid.
They say it is because… Continue reading