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See part 1 – Merry Xmas: What Is Happening In THE HOLY LAND While We Shop For Toys

Part II

The story of Maria

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 54,000 kids homeless in Gaza

With 15 million children caught up in major conflicts, the UN agency responsible for children’s rights has declared 2014 a devastating year for children. “It is sadly ironic that in this,… Continue reading

Children abducted by Israeli soldiers in broad daylight.  A soldier of color among them.  Heartbreaking.

Video: Shehab News Agency

#شاهد: لحظة قيام قوات الاحتلال بإعتقال طفلين 10 أعوام في الخليل
Ten-year-old Palestinian boys forcefully arrested
by:Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine

Article: Israeli forces arrest 8-year-old in East Jerusalem

“Israeli special forces on Wednesday detained an eight-year-old Palestinian in the Silwan… Continue reading



My Cuban friend writes:  Christmas is the time of rebirth.  Also:  that your release and arrival back home in Cuba coincided with the day of St. Lazarus. (A day much celebrated in Cuba.)  Lazarus who, because he was a good man, and beloved,  was called back from the clutches of the dead.

You have Cuban families and… Continue reading

Alice Walker – Gather



©2014 by Alice Walker

for  Carl Dix and Cornel West

It is still hard to believe
that millions of us saw Eric Garner die.
He died with what looked like a half dozen
heavily clad
standing on his body, twisting and crushing
especially his head
and neck.
He was a big man, too.  They must… Continue reading

 December 2014

Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory

Man of the Years

©2014 by Alice Walker

IN PRAISE OF DICK GREGORY I paraphrase Mari Evans’ great poem, substituting man for woman:


I am a black man…

Look on me

And be



What is it about Dick Gregory that settles and comforts us?  Even as he bemoans our many states of unawareness.

It is… Continue reading

First Black Secret Service Agent, Abraham Bolden,

  Speaks Out On Being Framed & JFK Assassination

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