Farrakhan at Tuskegee: An Elder Speaks on Depopulation

An Elder Speaks

Depopulation Blues
©2014 by Alice Walker

It makes you think
of years gone by
when we dreamed
whatever we could not imagine:
but we could never, useless eaters, have dreamed or imagined
this.  Maybe we could have done a better job
of imagining it
if we were different beings
and not so forgiving of the coldness
that has always been our reception
in these parts.
What could not be imagined
is how it would be done;
 we knew greed and stinginess
combined would mean their elimination of us
would be
at our own expense.  
Evil can be brilliant, though, it will find a way; we are not fools
to be seduced by it.
Ford, Nixon, Carter,
Reagan, perhaps all
the others
knew we were counting on them
to be human as we are.  Though why 800,000 Rwandans
died while we watched a televised presidential
sex scandal might have told us something.  That politicians
who smiled at us and kissed our babies
blue eyes shining with triumph
well knew we were falling
into our graves
kicked by them
as they counted
our votes.