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Leonard Cohen:  Story of Isaac

Code Pink for Peace

Campaign to stop the US-based real estate company RE/MAX from selling Israeli settlement homes

October 30, 2014

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Dear Everyone,

The Israeli government announcement that it was building  another 1,000 settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem  was met with worldwide condemnation, including an Emergency UN Session… Continue reading


230 Palestinian children in prison

ילדים פלסטינים בכלא Palestinian Children Jailed

Burnt Offerings

©2014 by Alice Walker

Some realities drive us to our knees
and since I was there
before my altar
I unwrapped and lit
the beeswax candles
I acquired for you.
My hope is you have never heard
the story of Hansel & Gretel
the trail of bread crumbs
the witch’s cages
filled with… Continue reading

AWAKE, a film about Yogananda

Yogananda photo Alice Walkers Garden

AWAKE, a film about Yogananda

©2014 by Alice Walker

When my partner and I left the movie theatre recently, having seen AWAKE, the new film about Paramahansa Yogananda, he said he felt he’d just emerged from a five day retreat.  I felt the same.  It is a mesmerizing film about a very special being, someone those of us… Continue reading

Source article

“Bhutan Makes Condoms Available To Buddhist Monks To Stop Spread Of STDs”


A Blessing
©2014 by Alice Walker

Between those
who are old enough
and those who care
Sex is not a sin
it is a door.
Through that door
we may understand
& Universe.
Passion is the great
Some creature
so long ago
we have forgotten
his scaly… Continue reading

Party People at Berkeley Rep

What would the world look like if everyone demanded honest history: that is to say, the truth?

I treasure this play because, finally, that is what the people involved in its creation decided is the best legacy to leave the young, the best reality to share among ourselves.  I saw a review that considered the production  “Flawed But… Continue reading

Child Hunting

More than 180 Palestinian children have been kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces in the past 45 days.
The only Hebrew-Arabic kindergarten in Jerusalem was burned last night and covered with Death To Arabs grafitti.
Razan,11years old child, died today after preventing her from leaving ‪#‎gaza‬ <>  for treatment

Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan
telefax: ++972-(0)2-5700112 <tel:%2B%2B972-%280%292-5700112>
Mobile:… Continue reading


Miko Peled and Alice Walker Northern California 2013

The Prize Itself 

Poem for Miko 
©2014 by Alice Walker 

There are many awards
that are not worth receiving;
they can be handed to you
by someone whose other hand
is stabbing you in the back.

Worse I think
is to receive an award
for bravery
from  someone who is a coward… Continue reading

Is the darkness of planet earth pushing us to awaken?


Shiloh and Sue in front of the Mona Lisa, Paris, 2014


There is more to come, but here is an offering of spirit to tide us over.  Sue’s body was cremated this morning at eleven o’clock.  Drums sounded from her hillside, and mine, and from the trees came the sweet trumpet sound of Amazing Grace, blown with all his soul, by Kaleo Larson.