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JUNE 2014

Nurit Peled Elhanan draws attention to human rights violations in Palestine

04-07-2014: 2001 Laureate, Nurit Peled Elhanan has drawn the European Parliament’s attention to the background of the killing of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers. She has denounced Israeli forces “for 12 hours trying to force the father of Mohammed Abu Khdair to issue a statement it was a family killing on account of… Continue reading

Archie Roach Alice Walker Sydney 2014

Alice Walker and Archie Roach: Sydney Opera House 5/14
Photo by Karen Villanueva 

The Music of Archie Roach

Seams Of Gold:  Was the Gold We Seek Once Inside Us?

©2014 by Alice Walker

Twenty- two years ago, in Adelaide,  at one of  Australia’s literary festivals,  I met Archie Roach.  But did we actually meet?  What would we have… Continue reading