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 by Mañuel Verdecia

it’s not the rock, sisyphus

of demolishing weight

of cutting edges and rough shape

cruelly indifferent to your tenacity

nor is it the mountain reaching the clouds

from where everything looks insignificant

nor is it the stony path winding among thorns

nor even is it the steep descent

or one more encounter with the rock

announcing the painful start… Continue reading

Article source: 33 Literary Geniuses Who Happen To Be Super Hot

I was surprised to find myself on this list, of course.  But, being there, I looked round. Hemingway, for instance, was really cute.  who knew?  Now that barely articulate letter he wrote to Marlene Dietrich makes more sense.  She wouldn’t have been indifferent to such a steady beam of… Continue reading

A video by Leah Borromeo  for the festival “This is Palestine,” held in Dubai in March, 2014


A Grievous Wrong Has Been Done To 5 Of Our Cuban Brothers:  Such Good Men Are Hard To Find
©2014 by Alice Walker

It was an odd sensation in London recently to be part of an International Inquiry into the case of the Cuban  (or the Miami) Five. (Two have recently, after serving 15 year sentences, been released).   Since their arrest I… Continue reading

As Our Hearts Break for the people of Syria, Libya, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, the United States, Palestine and so many others… Israeli Youth Take a Stand for What is Right

Published on Monday, March 10, 2014 by Common Dreams

Israeli Youth: ‘We Refuse to Serve in the Occupation Army’

Sixty young people sign open letter to Netanyahu
announcing their resistance to the draft… Continue reading

A Palestinian child kidnapped from school by Israeli soldiers

The Mother of Trees
©2014 by Alice Walker 

If I could be

the mother of Wind

I would blow all fear

away from you.


If I could be

the mother of Water

I would wash out the path

that frightens you.


If I were the mother

of Trees

I would plant

my tallest… Continue reading

March 2, 2014



One of the most remarkable persons to have graced our planet is the South African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa.  His teachings about so many things are immensely valuable.  Indeed, I have been envisioning how an entire course of study might be constructed around his wisdom.  I am perhaps not the person to attempt such a course, but… Continue reading