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Alice Walker and Kaleo (2007)

Alice and Kaleo 2007
photo by Vaschelle André of Divine Photography

And When They Spy On Us

For Snowden

Copyright©2014 by Alice Walker

And when they spy

on us

let them discover


loving –

it really doesn’t

matter what we are loving

let it be

an exercise

of the heart.

You can begin


your car –

if that has been

your training.

After… Continue reading

© 2014 by Alice Walker
This photo of Shaker Aamer and the letter below written by him, reminds me of the completely unjust imprisonment of The Cuban Five, (now four) who have been incarcerated for 15 years.  What kind of mind would do this? Treat other human beings – or even other nonhuman animals – in this way?… Continue reading

book cover alice-walker-now-is-the-time-to-open-your-heart

To the Cuban Reader
©2014 by Alice Walker

Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart is my seventh novel, and, unless I am mistaken, it is my last. I wrote it toward the close of my Fifth decade; it presents the concerns that, at that time, seemed important to share. First of all, I realized I was older than either of my grandmothers, Kate… Continue reading