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The Magic of Women

Dear Sisters at the University of Michigan,

I accept your invitation to visit with you in the coming year: I believe we have all learned something from our efforts to reach out to one another, and I believe also that – if solar flares or deeply unintelligent wars haven’t carried us off – it will be a good time.

It so happened that during the… Continue reading


The Butler Did It

©2013 by Alice walker


Lee Daniels’ The Butler was received in my neighborhood by a packed house, all colors and kinds, almost all of them, at different points, talking back at the screen in some fashion.  At the end, there was a rousing, heartfelt offering of applause.   The enthusiasm is well deserved because the acting, everyone’s… Continue reading

Martin Luther King



© 2013 by Alice Walker

For Chelsea Manning

Later we would miss you

so much.

But on that day

we had you with us

& we were so

with you.

Your happiness,

of a man

knowing he was

on his way

to glory

to being shot down;

a man beaming

with triumph

to see us

the advancing… Continue reading

      An Israeli Peace Activist carrying a sign with an Israeli and a Palestinian Flag

©2013 by Alice Walker

In times of war, Truth, it is said, is the first casualty.  But that won’t remain a truism if we sincerely seek to know what the truth of a situation actually is.  It has been interesting to see the various spins… Continue reading

Alice carrying a sculpture of pregnant African women in a circle, dancing.

Necks of Clay
©2013 by Alice Walker

Someone said to me:

Oh, stop that!  He has feet

of clay.

This person’s clay

went to the neck.

Can we listen to imperfect


I’ve always preferred them


Does this make us mad?

Can we hear our own

small voices

muffled by

the… Continue reading

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Published: Monday 12 August 2013

We are all connected and have only one home: Mother Earth.

By Deni Leonard in NATION OF CHANGE


The Anglo-European arrived on Indigenous tribal lands as an illegal immigrant illegally occupying the new lands. They eventually swindled the Indigenous tribal people out of the island land now known as Manhattan and which is currently the location of Wall… Continue reading

In Case You’ve Ever Wondered How It Is Done: Censorship by Purse String

An Invitation to speak at the 50th Anniversary for the Center for Education of Women at the University of Michigan has been withdrawn

I’m saddened to write this because I’m a proponent of free speech and have been brought up to allow everyone to have their say. But I also realize that… Continue reading