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Recently I’ve taken a few knocks for my liking of David Icke. Well, I can’t help liking him, he’s got cojones for days. Seen many of those lately not backed up by missiles and tanks? Actually and happily, yes, as more silenced people speak and folks on their knees rise, but he’s still special.* Anyway, last night it occurred to me what it is… Continue reading

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Thoughts On Our Sorrow:  Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin
© 2013 by Alice Walker

I deliberately watched none of the Zimmerman trial, just as I have deliberately not read a draft of a new book by Jen Marlowe, soon to be published:  I Am Troy Davis, about a young black man in Georgia who was by all indications innocent of any crime… Continue reading

Cowgirl Filibuster


Couplets for heroic Texas women

June 26, 2013


Word got out about the bad bill.

College students packed up their bikinis,


went back to Austin to tell those men why

women need abortions. Seven hundred


were already there. Story after story

for the record: citizen filibuster.


Three a.m. The Speaker tells the crowd

he’s heard it all… Continue reading