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Martin Luther King, Jr. at home
Art “Eclipse” by Huichol artist Jose Benitez Sanchez 

Below is a recently published article by Richard Friedman of the Federation of Jews in Birmingham, Alabama that brings to mind Martin Luther King, Jr. whom he mentions.  King wrote his famous Letter From a Birmingham Jail when he was imprisoned in Birmingham for political activities against American apartheid,… Continue reading

Marian Anderson

The gorgeous ancestor Marian Anderson who found a place to stand and sing at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939

On hearing you will sing

©2013 by Alice Walker


It has been told to me that you will be singing as planned in Tel Aviv next month, by someone who thought I would be concerned.  I am concerned, though not perhaps in the way… Continue reading

On Friday night, the 30th of May, I was onstage in conversation with Eve Ensler at the 92nd St. Y in New York City.  I had read her stark and perceptive memoir IN THE BODY OF THE WORLD about her bout with cancer two years ago within a couple of hours of meeting her backstage. I was filled with love and admiration.  And… Continue reading