Poem: Fullness of Heart (For Bab Al Shams/Gate of the Sun in Palestine)

Fullness of Heart

 (For the people of Bab Al Shams, Gate of the Sun encampment
in Palestine).  Watch the video below and glory in the magnificent voice of Bernice Johnson Reagon formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock.  When this voice is raised, pray it is raised for you.
I have learned today that this is not Bernice’s voice; the singer is as yet unknown.  I claim it then as our voice, the one we recognize no matter whose breath is used. 

©2013 by Alice Walker


We will never regret

having been born in this

cruel time

for we recognize it

for what it is: the time of fullness

of heart.

When the heart, on a daily basis

fills to capacity
and overflows 

with love

of the people:

of the people’s

children, throwing stones against tanks,

of the people’s women

combatting erasure;

of the people’s men

risking all

for dignity

 and peace.


Fullness of heart.


What is fullness of heart

but a heart


a throat filled

eyes filled

with tears?

Tears we do not regret

because we the people

of the world

are standing fast


at last

on Palestine.

Who knows what will happen next?

Craziness has a long shelf life. 

All we do know

is now is the time

to live life to the full

and without



I speak for myself

and I believe also

for you.

Standing fast

together at last.

For Palestine.

Our tears

no less than our blood

 our glue.

Bab Alshams – We Shall Not Be Moved