And In That Sacred Time

Hi Penny,

Can you pass on these photos to Alice Walker when you get a chance? They are of a mural that the Maia Mural Brigade painted at the kindergarten in Beit Hanoun where MECA installed a water purification and desalination unit  …… several years ago.

Here’s the message from the Maia Mural Brigade about it:
Today we painted a mural at the site of the water purification unit that Alice Walker sponsored… She is currently on the flotilla that is carrying letters from folks in the US to those here in Gaza with the hopes of breaking the siege – they have been denied access to Gaza by the Israeli government and the Navy that patrols the International Waters. It is our tribute to the international solidarity that traveled over the water and the air through the Freedom Flotilla and the Flytilla.”

I thought she’d want to see this beautiful art inspired by her solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.



MECA:  Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance run by Barbara Lubin and Penny Rosenwasser, 5 star generals of peace.

To Stand Beaming and Clapping
©2011 by Alice Walker

To stand beaming and clapping for anyone
who bombs water
& denies to children
its purity to drink
endangers you,
made mostly of water
as you are.
See this.  Before it is too late.



And in that sacred time
©2011 by Alice Walker

for h. e.

And in that sacred time
as we quietly awaited our fate
we spoke of offspring
who have discovered
so much to resist bearing
in us.
Well, we might have said
if we had thought
of it;
as we
through a porthole
of our boat
black booted
with guns
a starboard

there are children
who’ve never heard
about our

or in any case
not all of them:

( we would offer full disclosure if they might ask):

to see
and perhaps understand our failures

for themselves
on the bombed

and barricaded beach

still so far away

in Gaza.




Published on: Jul 27, 2011