Living By the Word

“An extraordinarily diverse collection…”
New York Times

Living By the Word is a memorable collection of essays, letters and journal extracts from Pulitzer Prize Winner, Alice walker.  In her immaculate prose, Alice Walker opens a window to her world – whether it be her troubled relationship with her father, her upbringing amidst the poverty of rural Georgia, her feelings on the banning of The Color Purple, or her joy in the simple things of everyday life such as choosing plants for her garden.

In other essays she explores the nature of dreams, justice, folklore and the role of ancestors.  She details the story of Dessie Woods who was sent to jail for murdering her would-be rapist and highlights the role of racism and prejudice in the law’s treatment of black women.  Finally we travel with her on her journey to China, to Bali, and a visit to Nine Mile – the birthplace of the legendary Bob Marley.

“An inspired and thoughtful collection by a woman who has not chosen to rest on her much-deserved laurels”
Los Angeles Times

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