The Third Life of Grange Copeland

Alice Walker’s first novel is “graphic and authentic…moving, tender, and all too tragic…. She writes with power, sensitivity, and all-pervading humanity” Publishers Weekly




Despondent over the futility of life in the South, black tenant farmer Grange Copeland leaves his wife and son in Georgia to head North.  After meeting an equally humiliating existence there, he returns to Georgia, years later, to find his son, Brownfield, imprisoned for the murder of his wife.  As the guardian of the couple’s youngest daughter, Grange Copeland is looking at his third –and final-chance to free himself from spiritual and social enslavement.

“Alice Walker moves us by emphasizing the humanity we share with her characters….a solid, honest, sensitive tale…leavened by those moments of humor and warmth that have enabled men and women to endure so much tragedy….Walker seems confident to let narrative and characterization and event, the soul of a novel, speak for themselves.”

Chicago Daily News


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