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el manto de la virgen de guadalupe,
plaza de los caballeros del sol, costa careyes, jalisco, mexico

Photo ©2010 by Henri Norris

May 25, 2010 — Article © 2010 by Alice Walker

A short while ago I published a small book called Overcoming Speechlessness: A Poet Encounters “The Horror” in Rwanda, Congo, and Palestine/Israel.  In it I write that the horrors of the world… Continue reading

Goddess Speed your boat.  You are doing the work of The Collective as it attempts to bring Comfort, Support and Abiding Love and Solidarity to Itself.  What you demonstrate is what we all, deep in our hearts, can know:  We are One People, existing in one Love.  The Gazans are us, living in a beleaguered place too small for us, dangerous… Continue reading

© 2010 by Alice Walker

Although I have a presence on Facebook I’ve never joined.  Learning recently of that “presence” I discovered there’s quite a bit, some of it unexpected.  A recent post from NITESIDE magazine in Washington, D.C., written by Joi-Marie McKenzie was a surprise.  Under the heading “Walker Reveals Moments with MLK, Jr.” she quotes me saying “I remember walking… Continue reading