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Adopting An Orphanage
©2009 by Alice Walker

Alice thinks Africa is a magical and worthy Mother of Humanity, whatever may be happening there; and she has had the honor, and the pain, of experiencing Mother Africa in some of its most challenging situations. She has ceased trying to explain, even to herself, why the eyes and smiles of African children never leave her, or why… Continue reading

When I think of Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, for which, after all, he didn’t audition, I think about that photograph of him with his feet up on a desk, and there’s a hole in one very worn shoe. This is someone who has stood up for himself and for the good of the human group for a long time, even though he’s still… Continue reading


From Turning Madness into Flowers: A Book of Common Praise

What Makes the Dalai Lama Lovable?

© 2009 by Alice Walker

His posture

From so many years

Holding his robe with one hand

Is odd.

His gait


One’s own body



The sloping


& Angled


One hopes



Yoga class

Or does Yoga

On his own

As part

Of… Continue reading