The Killing of Troy Davis

The Killing of Troy Davis: What Does it Mean?

©2009 by Alice Walker

What does it mean to kill a human being in cold blood? What does this say about you, the murderer? If taking a life is wrong – the crime for which Georgia wishes to execute Troy Davis – who appears to be innocent – then it is wrong for the State of Georgia, acting for its citizens, to commit this same offense.

Have we learned nothing from our Sunday School lessons, from our parents, especially our grandparents, and from our New Testament Bible and the teachings of the wise and compassionate spirit, Jesus?

Who are we if we cannot forgive? If we cannot make our way beyond ancient programming and prejudice? Who are we, indeed, as we look into the trusting eyes of our children, and, especially, into the eyes of our grandchildren, who will inherit all that we have done? They believe that we, though fallible, as all humans are, are still just. That justice matters of us. Why wound them with our intolerance, our prejudice, our dissatisfaction with life, to the extent that we can feel alive and powerful only when we abuse, torture, or kill another? Someone who, in this instance, has been living for many years in a cage? How will they look at us, when they know what we have done?

This time on earth for human beings is like no other time. The very Earth, tortured and maimed, imprisoned in so many ways, is receding from us. Only the most radical compassion for ourselves, for other humans, for all creatures and creation will bring Earth back to us.

Free Troy Davis. Not only Free Troy Davis: Give him your blessings and your prayers; in faith that when it is your own time to be judged, you will not stand alone. That friends will see your true worth and radiance and will come to your side from all the corners of the world.

The only “punishment” that works, is love. This truth has been proven endlessly in our public and private lives.

Free Troy Davis, and free the goodness, even now longing to be expressed, that is imprisoned within yourself.

I was born in Georgia, and I believe in it’s ability to change, to grow, to carry a light for the human race. I have witnessed this transformation in my own lifetime.

Free this man, and let us Georgians, with the rest of conscious humanity, seek other ways than murder to further the cause of human enlightenment.

In peace, serenity, compassion and joy,

Alice Walker