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Anxiety Soup

By Alice Walker 

You know as well as I do that in the coming elections we will choose world leaders who will be required to stand with us through perhaps the most difficult period, for humans, on planet Earth. Our anxiety about this situation is understandable. Looking at some of the candidates there has already been a great deal of shrieking… Continue reading

Coming to Mississippi

From The Third Annual Gathering of Veterans
of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement 2008

By Alice Walker

I came to Mississippi in 1966. Forty-two years ago. I came alone. It was a time of blessed upheaval in the United States of America, as people of my parents’ generation, especially those of poor and working class backgrounds, held almost no hope that America… Continue reading

I have sent out a request that Senator Barack Obama, or Michelle Obama, get in touch with me. While waiting for a response (and imagining how busy they must be), I decided to write down my thoughts. After watching the debates between Obama and McCain, something has leapt out at me. It has now leapt out twice, and I would like to avoid having it… Continue reading

A Letter to the Graduating Class of Naropa University
from Alice Walker


May 11, 2007

Someone told me
that Earth
the only planet
that has mornings.

The only planet that has mornings!

This is an intriguing thought: and, how would they know? The poet in me loves it, however, because it sees the metaphor of new beginnings, optimism, rising to the occasion… Continue reading

KOREAN WOMEN’S SOUL QUESTIONS by Alice Walker and Hyun-kyung Chung   Before going to South Korea, a few years ago, my friend Hyun-kyung Chung and I were asked twelve questions by South Korean feminists. Our responses became a book, The High Spirit Love of Hyun kyung and Alice, that was a best seller in Seoul. Women in South Korea were on fire to find solutions… Continue reading

Over the years I have written many introductions to books. I will use this blog to share some of those introductions, in order to spread the word about their existence. I am especially interested in connecting all North Americans more closely with Native American reality.

The First Time I Saw Dennis Banks

Ojibwa Warrior Introduction
By Alice Walker

The first time I saw Dennis… Continue reading

An Introduction to Possessing the Secret of Joy
The New Press Edition
By Alice Walker

I like to tell this story because it sounds unlikely. There we were, filmmaker Pratibha Parmar and I, on a plane from Tamale to Accra, in Ghana, West Africa. We had boarded this plane because there was no other, and the alternative to flying to the Capitol was a seven… Continue reading