December 9, 2016

El poema, UN BUEN DÍA PARA MORIR, en Español

Clouds in Northern California taken by Alice Walker called Like a Dragon 2016


A Good Day To Die

Copyright © 2016 by Alice Walker

the inner Standing Rock

There comes a time in life
when we realize it is okay to die.
Right now, like this, in this moment.
It is not suicidal this thought
but comes rather from a sense
of … Continue reading

Loving Oakland
Copyright © 2016 by Alice Walker

If gentrifiers do not despoil it
which means getting rid of poor
and black and people of color
Oakland can be what it has been
for a long time:  an urban Paradise.

It is a place where
the young blonde woman
crossing the street in front of your car
would look like a threat
to… Continue reading

The Pope and Fidel Castro 2015 Alice Walker AliceWalkersGarden.org


©2015 by Alice Walker

We can only imagine
What these two-
Francis and Fidel-
Really had to say
To each other.
The Pope wondering
Who really is the Holy Father here,
Since everything he’s
Preaching as holy
Fidel has already
Seeing humor
In the Argentine’s unmistakable
Italian roots
And thinking pointedly
But not saying
Like the good Jesuit
And Revolutionary he… Continue reading

Let us eat tanks


©2015 by Alice Walker

They would not be running to us
If we were not chasing them
With the guns and bombs and rockets we sold
To crazy people:
Out of their houses
Out of their schools
Out of their mosques,
Away from their favorite
Prayer trees.
You are guilty America
Of arming the world:
If you could,… Continue reading

The world Rising poem by Alice Walker Sunrise image

The world Rising

©2015 by Alice Walker

The world rising
Can put an end
To anything:
The murder of children
Get up.  Roll over
On that part
Of you
That will not
Or even see
Our rise.
A compassionate roll:
We must be done
With cruelty
Especially to ourselves,
To start again
Beaming like the sun;
Fresh.… Continue reading

Julian Bond 1963 Alice Walker - AliceWalkersGarden.com

Julian Bond 1940-2015


The first time I sang
We Shall Overcome
Was in a circle
On the lawn of Trevor Arnett Library
At Atlanta University
And by chance
I was holding
Your hand.
We were all so young,
And so hopeful
In our solidarity.
I stumbled over some of the words
In the new to me
But you sang solemnly,
Devoutly,… Continue reading


A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston

photo by AP/David Goldman or Reuters/Randall Hill (!)


©2015 by Alice Walker

I myself do not believe

In political parties
Comprised, generally, in my experience, of so
Many who
Are not awake.  Still, all options must be
Presented by those who care.

An unbalanced wakefulness

Can be as treasonous
As blind sleep.… Continue reading

From new book of poems, Spring 2013
THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW JOY: Turning Madness Into Flowers


photo of a gecko

Going out to the garden
©2012 by Alice Walker

Going out to the garden
this morning
to plant seeds
for my winter greens
-the strong, fiery mustard
& the milder
broadleaf turnip-
I saw a gecko
like the rest of us
has been
from the heat.… Continue reading

From the new book of poems:

THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW JOY: Turning Madness Into Flowers

Spring 2013


Bicycle dress guard by Simeli Ananda

What Do I Get For Getting Old?

A Picture Story
For The Curious

©2011 by Alice Walker

(You supply the pictures.)

I get to meditate
in a chair 
Or against the wall
with my legs
stretched out 
(or even in… Continue reading

palestinians going to work every morning: photo by Shmulik Kidron

 I Confess I Do  Not Understand the Mind That Needs to Cause This Suffering

©2013 by Alice Walker

For Nurit Peled who sent me the photograph:  Palestinians Going to Work – Morning Routine 

I confess
I do not understand the mind 
That needs to cause this: Palestinian workers 
herded like cattle
In a long line
To their places of… Continue reading