This appeal from a Senator had one bright spot: he is a Senator. With a heart.


US Senator with a heart Alice Walkers Garden




Dear MoveOn member,

I’m U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, and I believe that in America, we must never intentionally inflict trauma on children.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

At a Border Patrol processing center in McAllen, TX, I witnessed something that is now seared into my… Continue reading

Final Dispatch from Laos
by Mai Der Vang

Concerning our hollow breasts,
Lice factions multiplying in our hair.

Concerning our unused stomachs,
Molars waiting to chew, taste buds

Obsolete. By then, we won’t remember
We’re alive. We’ll be the soil covered

In mines. Concerning last night’s
Attack, seven dead, five injured, four

Gone missing, three arms. Concerning
A forest in combat, alliance of trees,… Continue reading

Sonam Wangchuk: An Ice Fountain Brings Water to the Himalayan Desert


by Teresa Krug

“I’m working on [how to adapt to] life without glaciers. I’ve already started experiments to see what can be done with very little rain. I won’t go into details, but this is about mixing the sandy soil with clays and humus to make any rain that falls on it last… Continue reading

Osho en ser un sufí: admirando el país salvaje, salvaje, de Nexflix

11 August 1977 am in Buddha Hall


ONCE a learned Mohammedan came to me and asked, ”You are not a Mohammedan, then why do you speak on Sufism?’ I told him, ’I am not a Mohammedan, obviously, but I am a Sufi all the same.’

A Sufi need not be a Mohammedan.… Continue reading

Me Preguntas Adónde Podemos Ir


You Ask Me Where Can We Go

©2018 by Alice Walker

You ask me where can we go

And I can say only one place

With certainty:

We can go into our love.

Into our love for ourselves

And for our brown and black sons

Who are so under attack.

They are killing themselves

And let us not forget… Continue reading

En español, Las novelas de Julie Otsuka

Julie Otsuka’s Novels

©2018 by Alice Walker


Julie Otsuka’s novels The Buddha in the Attic and When the Emperor Was Divine were given to me by a Japanese-American friend who knew of my interest in Japanese history and culture.  I had been intrigued years earlier by her account of her family’s… Continue reading

En español, Mientras Haya Niños Los Adultos Deben Comportarse

Oakland CA US Syria War Protest 2018-04-15

As Long As There Are Children

(Grownups Must Behave!)

NO! to War March

Oakland, California

April 15, 2018

© 2018 Alice Walker

As long as there are children
Grownups must behave
And stop acting like
They are the only ones
Around the place.

This place is earth
And it is overwhelmingly
Peopled by children –
Those… Continue reading

En español, Queridos Niños de Gaza

May God Bless the People of Gaza, April 9, 2018


Gaza Children are blessed beings 2018-04-23 Alice Walker Letter

photo source: video May God Bless the People of Gaza

April 10th, 2018

Dear Children of Gaza,

My letter of support for your march will reach you too late to support your brave efforts of April… Continue reading

En Español

Those Who Love Us
Never Leave Us Alone
With Our Grief: Reading BARRACOON: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”

Book Jacket - With Our Grief:  Reading Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”


Those Who Love Us
Never Leave Us Alone
With Our Grief: Reading BARRACOON: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”

©2018 by Alice Walker

Those who love us never leave us alone with our grief. At the moment… Continue reading


Israel’s Chief Rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’*22 March 2018 |

One Wise Saying
Of the Ancestors
Is Worth More Than a Thousand

Waters HR8 WAPO Ad 2018-03

One Wise Saying
Of the Ancestors
Is Worth More Than a Thousand

©2018 by Alice Walker

For instance:

“I’ve been called
but a child
of God.”… Continue reading