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The name “Lucy,” which appears in the following poem, was given by paleoanthropologists to the fossilized skeleton of the most ancient, recognizably human being ever found.  A woman who lived on the African continent some three million years ago.


by Alice Walker

Winnie Mandela
We love you.

If we had known you
In a time of peace
We would… Continue reading


Never Give Up Alice Walker Garden

Never Give Up:  Even when the way of Peace is sabotaged or difficult to read….


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Alice Fidel Cuba 90s Website Alice Walker

Fidel Castro:  Compassionate Revolutionary

Copyright© 2016 by Alice Walker

(For a book to be presented to Fidel this week honoring his birth.)

Fidel Castro is the most extraordinary person I have encountered, whether in real life, history, or fiction.  It is a gift to have been born in his time and to witness his nerve, intelligence, audacity, and wit.  He… Continue reading

I thank Thich Nhat Hahn Alice Walker Alice Walkers Garden

Breathing in

I thank Thich Nhat Hahn 

Breathing Out

I thank him more.


Why vote for evil (lesser is still evil) when you can vote for good?

Most of us have never won an election anyway.  The self-deception is believing you have. And we’ve certainly never “won” democracy.

Bernie sure did look good, though.


Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party’s Jill Stein Over “Neoliberal Disaster” Hillary Clinton

JULY 18, 2016

AMY… Continue reading


This is the news of which tears and smiles are made.  As Celie Johnson might say:  I loves folks. -AW

Did You See Our Palestine Signs at the DNC? Rabbi Shmuley Did.

by Tamar Ghabin, Government Affairs Associate, and Josh Ruebner, Policy Director

July 29th, 2016

WATCH: Visible Support for Palestinian Rights at DNC

DNC delegates raise the Palestinian flag… Continue reading

Meridian’s granddaughter.  Hello, Beloved.

Is there another way to think about this?  Let us find it, quickly, together. If we don’t find it, we risk losing the friends we’ve made, the friends we love, after over half a century of work. We risk losing all the children’s trust in our ability to find a way we all can live.

There used… Continue reading


7/26 Oakland Forum-Palestinian Workers, Human Rights, Labor and Zionism
July 26 (Tuesday) 7:00 PM (Free) Uptown Body and Fender – 401 26th St., Oakland

Palestinian workers are under attack and they and their families face apartheid conditions. At the same time, legal efforts are being made to prevent an international boycott of Israel and labor action. Bay Area ILWU longshore workers played… Continue reading

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Jesse Williams’  BET Awards Speech

Here is part of the problem right up front:  we have to endure a MacDonald’s add before Jesse Williams’ speech.  Surely there is a better way to honor our people than by encouraging them to believe such a corporation cares about what they eat, unless it makes money for them. In any case, it interrupted… Continue reading

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In these times of woe, trust in what you love that loves you back

©2016 by Alice Walker

And though I’ve been there only once, for such a brief visit (!) I have a warm place in my heart for Brazil.  It is its people, first and last, who seem to me different in some quite unidentifiable but definitely encouraging (of humanity)… Continue reading