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One Wise Saying
Of the Ancestors
Is Worth More Than a Thousand

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One Wise Saying
Of the Ancestors
Is Worth More Than a Thousand

©2018 by Alice Walker

For instance:

“I’ve been called
but a child
of God.”

Well, there you stand
Mud splattered… Continue reading

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On April 26th-28th,

at the Diana Wortham Theatre

in downtown Asheville,North Carolina,

I’m delighted to announce my participation in the

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The time for such a gathering is now. And I would love for you to join us.

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Now in its fourth year, Movies & Meaning is… Continue reading

by Alice Walker, Casa Madre, Mexico 2018

Photo by Alice Walker

Sometimes I Just Thank God I’m Black

And Call It a Day

Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

No, I’m thankful for the constant
Give and take I have with Creator,
And by Creator
What else could I mean
But the Sun?  The real reason
We are taught to pray looking
In that direction.
They slapped a man who looked
Like… Continue reading



The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

By Helene Cooper

©2018 by Alice Walker

There are some books we wish didn’t have to be written.  I felt this many times while reading MADAME PRESIDENT, the extraordinary story of the life of Liberia’s and Africa’s first democratically elected president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, by Helene Cooper.  At almost every page… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Incomparable Alice / Alicia, con mucho cariño <3

I heard this song the other day and it reminds me of you and wanted to share it with you

Some wonderful photos I found of you

The song is “Gracias a la Vida”

Translation of this rendition:


Thanks to Life, which has given me so much
She gave me… Continue reading

 Poema De Primavera

Photo by Alice Walker

Spring Poem 

Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

For daisy, zinnia, petunia, jasmine, rose, tenzin, rebecca, rachel, braxton, auden

The seed from last year’s garden

Has been scattered

By the wind.

When I return in Spring
Tiny green faces
Are everywhere.

Some have landed
As we might too
In dry
& rocky

But mother has returned… Continue reading

Somebody Died for Us: 


Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Alice Walkers Garden Remembering Martin Luther King 3

We are the Ones We have been Waiting For

Alice Walker speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr (start time 9:37 to 39.25 end time)

Atlanta, Georgia

Nobel Peace Prize Martin Luther King

MLK at Home Martin Luther King Jr Alice Walker Remember

MLK Alice Walkers Garden Remembering Martin Luther King 1

    Ley Es Aquí y Ahora; Quizás Lo Hayas Notado 

    It Is Here Now; Maybe You Have

    Noticed It

    Copyright © 2018 by Alice Walker

    You could always tell
    Where it was going:
    Free thought was always
    Going to be cornered,
    Caught, held captive
    By those
    With Everything
    To hide.
    We are never given
    Anything healthful
    Or truthful
    By those who have
    Traditionally… Continue reading

    Leer esto, Una Leccion: Nunca Vayas Por El Mercado, en español

    Lesson:  Never Wander Into the Marketplace
    After a Silent Retreat.
    Or During.  Which Is What I Just Did.

    Copyright ©2018 by Alice Walker
    Perplexed by signs for “bookstore” and finding none, I wandered once again down the path beside the new community building.  I saw folks going in. I had… Continue reading