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November 8 2016

Candles Alicewalkersgarden Election 2016

I am spending election day burning a candle for four extraordinary people:  Mumia Abu Jamal, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden.  I was thinking about all of them this morning in meditation.  So I labeled it “thinking,” as we are taught, and went back to Om Nama Shivaya.  But they all came right… Continue reading

Buffalo just came out to support the people at Standing Rock

Standing Rock Sioux Buffalo Medicine 10-27-2016 alicewalkersgarden

Source photo of Buffalo at Standing Rock


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I have always been a help to you; remember the Civil War? Sometimes I was the only entity available to alleviate pain. When I was not allowed to grow, the suffering of soldiers, Union and Confederate, was unendurable.
-The Opium Poppy

Breaking the Taboo, a film about the failed war on drugs, is a must see for everyone. It is narrated beautifully by Morgan Freeman… Continue reading