An Evening with Alice Walker & Desert Rose

World Peace Day

Friday, September 21, 2018

7:30 PM

“In this time of sorrow, when so many are reeling from the pain of earth loss, of beauty’s destruction, of oppression and challenge of every sort, I have felt encouraged and spiritually supported by the music of Desert Rose. I encountered them in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011, when they lent their message of harmony and peace to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, in which I was participating. They have an indelible sound that reaches very deep. It is a joy to welcome them to Oakland.” ~ Alice Walker

Join OneLife Institute and world renowned author and activist, Alice Walker, for an evening of inspired word and sacred music to heal and lift up.

Lynne Holmes on Keyboard, Alice Walker on Rain Stick, Yusuf Ganief, Vocals.


The Morning After!

October 22, 2018

It is the morning after the event with Desert Rose at the First Congregational Church in Oakland.  It went exceedingly well.  Baba Greg Hodge was wonderful opening the event, drumming, pouring libation, calling on the ancestors, who smiled on us.  Liza Jane Rankow graceful and sweet opening the evening; then me introducing Desert Rose; then THEM Lovely. Linda Dancer, dancing! Then me, playing music with them with my Rain Stick!  I was so happy!  In a trance. Another world.  Not another: This one.  Fully.  And all the vibrant souls of Oaklandia sending up waves of love. I was home.

And I am thankful.

Also thinking about Jesus,*and what a fine sense of humor he probably had.  It is tragic that all we usually see is him on the cross; when you just know someone so wise was doing a lot of smiling and dancing.  In fact, to notice that the kingdom of God is all around you, and you do not see it, as he said to his followers who couldn’t see a miracle for stumbling over it, indicates his humor and frame of mind.  Jesus is basically very likeable.  Capable of being that friend my church sang about, though they rarely glimpsed, because of their own sorrows, his buoyant spirit.

Maybe because it was a church and there had been a giant cross!