Julian Assange spoke from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London on Friday, May 19, 2017


Acts of Truth

©2017 by Alice Walker
Inspired by mythologist, Michael Meade

For Julian Assange
Michael was telling us the other night
About some things that might save the world.
One of them surprised me, but the more I thought about it
The more it made sense.

The whole world can be saved and if not the whole world
Then the world of our relationships
Which is, you know, the world,
By committing simple acts of truth.
In the story Michael tells
A dying child cannot live
If his parents cannot find courage enough
To commit an act of truth.
So the father after much blather
Admits he is and has been a fraud
In practically everything he’s done;
The mother says she never loved
Him even in the fake throes
Of passionate love.
Even the monk who is called on
To help these hapless liars
Admits he has no real
Idea of the right path
Or the honest way.  He only
Took holy vows because
A person taking holy vows
Is admired.

At each act of truth
Each utterance of what is true
The child revives
Little by little
Until he is whole enough
To finally skip away.

That child is our ailing world, our human
Lying, dying, right at death’s door.
And each of us -
Lying about everything
Including hair color and
Concern about polluting the water,
Fur coats
And love of animals;
That catsup on our diamonds,
The bombings and oil thirst -
Must now decide:
Do we want our child, this world,
To live,
Or must it die?

Can we commit an act of truth
That begins
To set it, skipping once more,
On healthy feet?

Because I’ve known humans
At their best
I know we are capable
Maybe not all of us
But enough
To commit daily
Radical acts of truth.
There is even a collective one:
We can cease to lie to confuse
The neighbors
Whether next door or
In countries we’ve never seen.

We can be deeper,
More courageous, indeed more fearless
And much simpler
Than we know.
Standing in our acts of truth
Our words of truth
As others, like small children watching
A fascinating and very unusual game,
Skip to join us.