Womens March Poster picked by Alice Walker


Copyright 2017 by Alice Walker

January 21, 2017

(For the awakening.)

I do not doubt that you are there
and that I am also, in some future
past time;
and that together
we are enjoying it all.
And so I thank you,
Great Awareness
in which I also live,
for Calla Lillies
and Birds
and Hollyhocks
and Bougainvillea
and the aroma
of a good posole
and the fit of a new dress.
There are then the stars
that I love
and the rivers
I adore
and the single leaves
of trees in which I can
lose my temporary
this moment self in.
The sheer wonder
of it all.
And women marching
And being the most
wondrous of the human lot
with their amazing capacity
to recreate the human universe.
Oh, Great and Everlasting Awareness
I have been with you
while looking for you
all my long life!
And here you turn up
as you do everyday
as myself,
all the awakened women,
and men,
in the world,
and Everything else.