September 2016


I spent all day last Saturday from ten o’clock in the morning to after ten o’clock at night (with a break for lunch, stretches, walks and a nap in my car) listening to a presentation by David Icke who is traveling the planet with his Phantom Self, World Wake Up Tour. He was extraordinary, as usual, and held the packed audience’s attention as he carried us through teachings welcome to some and no doubt too frightening to be welcome to others. Like Assange and Manning and Snowden and others that have appeared to shed light on these dark times, Icke is considered a prophet or a madman, depending on how open one can be to what he has devoted his life to share; i.e. his vast research and understanding of how humanity has wound up on the verge of murdering itself. I find him refreshing, myself, especially during this period of election coverage that seems from another reality entirely than the one real people live in, and is.

For friends who couldn’t attend the talk or who balked at the thought of sitting anywhere, listening to anyone, for ten hours, I decided to find, among Icke’s numerous videos, one lecture that might offer an introduction that wouldn’t be too scary for folks leery of being nudged in a direction of inquiry that might upset, destroy possibly, their world view. I think this one might fit the bill.

I notice that Icke’s own visual presentations are sometimes supplanted by weird scenes that have nothing to do with what he’s talking about. A kind of creeping censorship, no doubt. Which means, really, don’t wait to learn from a great teacher, even as you reserve your right to disagree with him, or it might soon be too late.

-Alice Walker